Ashley Marshall, founder and designer of Azuni London, has always sought his inspiration from his extensive global travels. Beginning his career working as a professional chef in some of London’s top kitchens, such as The Dorchester, The Ivy and La Caprice, he learnt to harness his creative intuition. It is this 'mix it and shake it' talent that Ashley subsequently applied to designing jewellery.

Most recently, love for Azuni has spread due to England’s very own Duchess of Cambridge, who wore Azuni’s Semi- Precious Drop Earrings on a visit to Australia and on many other occasions since. Azuni has additionally long been a stylist’s favourite.

Just a glance at the Azuni Range instantly tells you that each collection is unique, yet simultaneously contemporary and highly wearable.  A variety of techniques such as hand texturing, beading, engraving and oxidizing, carried out by artisans across the world, add a quality-handcrafted edge to every piece.  The narrative behind each individual collection brings a personal sense of meaning to every wearer, making Azuni Jewellery enchanting for all!

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Born and raised in Brazil, Betty has always been art driven. Her love for the arts came at a young age where she took up music and painting before the age of 10. Broadening her horizons when she moved to the United States, Betty started a business designing and importing costume jewelry from her native country. Her custom hand crafted pieces rapidly caught the attention of the most sophisticated women around the world.

Betty’s goal is to continuously look for inspirations and new trends to offer the best in fashion jewelry. Her unique 18K gold clad jewelry creations are frequently called "A piece of art that combines elegance and sensuality”.

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Blue Pacific

Blue Pacific Fashion are manufacturers of the finest scarves, shawls and pashminas.  They selectively import the finest cashmere, silk, linen and cotton fabrics manufactured in Spain, Portugal and Turkey.  

Blue Pacific Fashion carefully selects brilliant natural dyes, so our customers look comfortably styled and live eco friendly.  Blue Pacific Fashion's unique, eclectic collection appeals to those with a discerning eye for fine accessories.

Whether you're looking for simple elegance or adding fashion towards scarves to your collection, Blue Pacific has just the selection for you.

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Behind each Chan Luu design is a story inspired by nature, world cultures and the purity of Chan's design aesthetic. Originally from Vietnam, Chan Luu moved to Boston and later Los Angeles to earn a degree in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Design in 1975.

She opened her own boutique in 1982 and began designing her own accessories in 1996. Chan Luu’s trademark is her artistic skill in combining organic shapes with contemporary ideas to create a line that’s unique, wearable, and hand-made. Known for her beautiful wrap bracelets that come in an array of hand-cut semi-precious stones, sterling silver, gold vermeil, and custom dyed leathers, Chan continues to be a trend leader in fashion today. Her pieces have been featured in the top fashion magazines and have adorned Hollywood’s hottest celebrities.

Whether your style is modern/bohemian, or simple and classic, Chan Luu jewelry gives you the perfect tools to style your own fashion canvas.

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Deepa Gurnani

Deepa Gurnani was conceived in the dreams and passions shared by husband and wife partnership, Deepa and Jay Lakhani. After their marriage in 2005, the duo combined their talents to create a line of unique and distinctive embroidered accessories.

Deepa Gurnani started her career while still attending the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London.  She created pieces for haute couture cutting-edge designers such as Alexander McQueen, Ungaro, and Fendi.  While creating these one-of-a-kind pieces, she experimented with beading and embroidering technique.

 Jay Lakhani, a graduate of F.I.T. in NYC, always wanted to create jeweled accessories.  Having worked under head designers at Tiffany’s and Bulgari, he wanted to then create something distinct.

 These 2 designers married, and are the creative force behind the exciting brand, Deepa Gurnani.  Their hand crafted, artisan pieces show off their intricate workmanship and vintage-sourced accents.  The result… bohemian chic with modern yet vintage style.

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ela rae

ela rae, a contemporary jewelry line, fuses uncomplicated luxury to a refined- bohemian aesthetic.

Inspired by the history of talisman from cultures across the globe, each ela rae piece offers protection, empowerment and confidence. Through combining the bohemian and modern, ela rae moves with the wearer through her multi-faceted life. As her environment changes, one thing remains the same – a personal connection to her ela rae jewels. 

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Ficcare is a family business that launched in 1997 when their creations caught the eyes of Hollywood. Ficcare is best known for their patented hair clip, the Maximas. Women throughout the world wear this signature design. 

All Ficcare clips come in an array of hand-made, hand-painted and hand-polished metal clips that are modern, upscale, and sophisticated.  Their collection of elegant accessories captures a sleek, practical attitude. Ficcare’s pieces are timeless and functional.

People always ask how to pronounce Ficcare.  It's simple.  FICCARE can be broken down like this: FEE-CA-RE.  The word Ficcare is derived from the Portuguese word "Ficar," which means, "to stay."  And how befitting that after many years, Ficcare is still here and "staying" strong. 

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 Jane Tran known for her unique use of stones, Swarovski crystals and natural materials, finds her full expression of artistic and design style in her hair jewelry collection.

 A native of Vietnam, Jane came to the United States as a student in Boston.   She followed her boyfriend (who later became her husband) to Los Angeles, and she attended & graduated from the UCLA Program for Professional Interior Designers.

 In 1998, Jane ventured into the fashion industry, where she created a collection of hair jewelry and accessories.  From the beginning, her hair jewelry collection reflected her love of color and texture, incorporating the finest pearls, turquoise, corals, crystals, stones and other semi-precious materials.  As the collection has matured, it has continued to reflect her individuality and her sense of style, where beauty of form and function are marvelously integrated.  Today, her hair jewelry collection sets stylish trends with a minimum of fuss for today's modern woman.

 Her hair jewelry products have been featured in the top magazines and stores worldwide.  Jane and her sister, Chan Luu, have made an indelible mark on the accessory fashion world.

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Jenny Bird grew up in a tiny, rural, artistic community in Ontario, Canada and was born into a family of farmers and seamstresses. From a young age Bird was active in art programs, and crafted wares she would sell to her family out of their living room. A talented designer and stylist, Bird continues to focus on creating pieces she feels are missing in the market.

After founding the line in 2008, Jenny’s husband, Adam, joined her as President in 2011. Since then, the pair have steered the explosive growth of the label; now, a leading international brand, sold worldwide.

“I want my birdgirls to feel my essence in each piece, and in turn, I love to see how their spirit and personal style brings a piece to life. I truly love what I do.

“I am a self-taught designer, and, as it turns out, it’s the most intuitive, effortless process that I have ever known. I am committed to a personal philosophy: the market does not need more soulless, short-lived fashion jewelry, nor does it need over-priced plated pieces. Each piece I design is deeply inspired and well thought-out; produced in the highest quality, and sold at a fair price. “
- Jenny Bird

Bird’s boundless energy, creative ingenuity, and her endless desire for ‘the new’ drives collection after collection; drawing in contemporary women, and earning her editorial and critical acclaim, most recently being featured in Vogue Korea, and a nomination by CAFA as Canada’s Accessory Designer of the Year for both 2014 and 2015.

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Kendra Scott moved to Austin at the age 19 and started her first company in a mall, a small hat store called Hat Box.  She designed hats for people going through chemotherapy with the goal of being  "comfortable but stylish”.  Her philanthropic focus has always been a core value for her companies.

 In 2002, Scott started Kendra Scott Design, Inc. and began making jewelry out of her spare bedroom.  She wanted to fill the niche of quality, high fashion jewelry at an affordable price.  She began by creating and selling jewelry to local stores.

Kendra worked on a collection of unique forms that would be immediately recognizable as her own; most especially the classic oval design found with her Danielle earring.

With help from family and friends, Scott handmade every piece in the spare bedroom of her house, packed every shipment in her dining room, and UPS made daily pickups. Her jewelry was selling out within a few days of delivery.

As her small business grew, she began to order custom-cut stones, and her first copyright design, the Danielle earring, was born. Celebrities soon wore the distinctive bauble on the red carpet and in magazine photo shoots.

“That was really a tipping point for us,” Scott says. Having a product that was just different enough to be easily attributable to her brand was the root of her collection’s popularity, she realized. “Now every single stone in our collection is cut exclusively for my line. We actually design the wax molds in Austin using the latest design technology with her long-standing team.

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“King Baby” was a term originated by Sigmund Freud. It was intended to refer to a mental condition where the person believes the world revolves around them.

King Baby Studio is rooted in the freedom of the open road and in the spirit of rock n’ roll. Mitchell Binder is the Designer & Owner of King Baby. In the 1970’s, when Mitchell was a teenager he moved from Jackson, Mississippi to Los Angeles. It was when music reflected a spirit of idealism and newfound freedoms. Musical artists like Hendrix, Joplin and The Dead ruled the airwaves. As Mitchell puts it “it was the ‘Summer of Love’ and my mind was officially blown.”

At 15, Mitchell became a jeweler’s apprentice and shortly thereafter began designing on his own. With his trademark, charismatic personality, he soon made the right contacts and quickly became the ‘go to jeweler’ for Hollywood. Mitchell has also partnered with legendary brands including Harley Davidson and Fender. In 2014 King Baby Studio is expanding on a successful launch of eyewear as well as opening a new retail location at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

As always, King Baby Studio continues to handcraft their pieces in the USA, uniting sterling silver with precious stones, 18k gold, onyx beads and leather.

“What I love about jewelry, it becomes a very personal piece to whoever wears it. That’s one of the things that just does it for me. It gives it meaning, it’s very fulfilling and it gives people some sort of identity as well. That’s the gift. That’s the specialness. That’s what I want to hang onto.”

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Love Heals is a socially conscious family business based in Ojai, California that embodies a commitment to spirit, nature and service. The jewelry is handcrafted on an organic farm in a geodesic dome.  The pieces are created exclusively from ethically sourced materials; lending an old world aesthetic and craftsmanship you can feel. For each design sold, 10 trees are planted in Ethiopia - to date that adds up to over 1 million trees.

The Matriarch and Lead Designer, Adriana Goddard began her design career as an architectural student in Argentina. In the early seventies, Adriana fled her homeland due to the dangerous military dictatorship, and found refuge in London. It was in London, at the acclaimed Portobello Market, where she began selling her jewelry. Adriana gave birth to her son Gunnar in a 400-year-old house without running water or electricity. The family eventually relocated to the organic farm in Ojai where she had her daughter Elisa. Adriana continued her passion to imbue love into her jewelry. This intent would eventually go on to give back in many ways.

Adriana and her children, Gunnar and Elisa, founded Love Heals in 2005 with the vision to create a company that gives back to nature and humanity. It was a natural reflection of the environment they had cultivated on their farm and the surrounding town of Ojai. Love Heals jewelry is coveted for its bohemian spirit, rich textures and worldly design element, and it's not by happenstance.

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 Sheila is all about the joy of life. She embraces her Brazilian free spirit. Beauty to her is in the soul, is how you wear your body, and has nothing to do with standards or your weight. Her goal is to be an inspiration to make every woman feel beautiful without breaking the bank or starving. Sheila’s pieces are created with one thing in mind: to make women feel good about themselves. 

Born in Brazil and now a proud Californian, Sheila began her fashion career as a model and went on to succeed in virtually every aspect of the industry: design, sales and marketing, management, and manufacturing. Sheila is a tireless entrepreneur and an artist with a clear vision and an irresistible spirit. “I want my jewelry to not only make a woman look special; I want her to feel special. Every time someone wearing one of my pieces receives a compliment and gets that warm glow inside, I know I’ve done my job.”

Her jewelry line, established in 2004, has a Hollywood following, but her uncluttered designs do not need a red carpet to achieve maximum impact. Fajl's standouts include delicate stackable rings, shoulder-grazing chandelier earrings, and chunky, graphic necklaces. Proportions can be big, but Fajl's jewels are always effortlessly chic.

Sheila Fajl products are fully handmade by artisans in Brazil. Using natural semi-precious stones that come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, and metal is 18K gold plated over 100% nickel free brass and silver plated over 100% nickel free brass. SF manufacturing process is designed to use materials in a very responsible manner, making her products some of the most “eco-friendly” jewelry in the market today.

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Raised in Israel with an engineering background, Simon Sebbag created a line of Sterling Silver jewelry that is beautiful, yet incredibly easy to wear.

Simon and his wife, Denise, together made Simon Sebbag Designs the success it is today. Each of their pieces are handcrafted in their family-owned and operated factory in Israel and constructed in the U.S.

The jewelry is produced using the unique electro-forming process. In electro-forming, a wax mold is created and inserted into a computerized 925 sterling silver bath. The mold remains in the bath until several thick layers of silver adhere; the result is a light and comfortable piece of jewelry. Finally, the piece is hand-polished to achieve a brilliant shine.

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yunis k

Yunis K is an authentic blend of old world and new wave Bohemian jewelry pieces. Cultivated from designer Yunis Kim’s early years in New Orleans, and infused with the flare of the free spirited California girl, our pieces stand alone to complete the look, or thrive in layers for everyday wear.

Statement pieces with vibrant pops of color or semi precious stones and beads tie an entire ensemble together in unique and personal ways. As fashion is an expression of our wants, desires and emotions, our highs and lows, Yunis K jewelry is the final punctuation mark that contextualizes the look for sexy, confident and driven women anywhere.

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