Ways To Wear Jane Tran Beanies

Previously, here at LavishlyHip, we showed you our favorite ways to wear Chan Luu’s cashmere and silk scarves. Here are our favorite ways to wear her sister’s, Jane Tran, Urban Twisted Slouch Beanies. The unique design of this knit hat allows it to be worn in a variety of ways. Beanies have always been one of the hottest styles in the cold weather but Jane has put her own twist on the classic style.

The hat may be worn as a traditional slouchy beanie. If you don’t want to ruin your ponytail, you can pull it through the space in the back and if not, the hole disappears and you’d never even know it was there. The hole in back is large enough to pull over your head and makes the hat into a perfect neck warmer.

For a more sporty look the hat can be worn as a cute twisted cozy headband. Available in both matte and shimmery lurex, this unique hat will be the only one you’ll find yourself grabbing for this winter no matter what look you’re about to pull off.

Jane Tran Beanies

Jane also makes a variety of standard beanies and cute hair accessory sets available in our shop. And make sure to browse Chan Luu’s cashmere and silk scarves.

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