New at LavishlyHip ~ New Stones from the Kendra Scott Spring 2020 Collection

New at LavishlyHip

New Stones from the Kendra Scott Spring 2020 Collection~ First Release

LavishlyHip is excited to expand the stones we carry in our store! We love to diversify our store with new and innovative materials that you might not see every day.

We have seen some of the most unique stones in this recent release from Kendra Scott! The first group of the Spring Collection features four new stones and a classic from the past. 

Kendra Scott Spring 2020 Collection New Stones

We will start with the classic,
Ivory (otherwise known as Ivory Mother of Pearl). If you are a longtime fan of Kendra Scott, this is definitely a stone you have heard of in the past. It’s one of the staples of her line and is popular among the jewelry world in general. Mother of Pearl is a shell rather than a stone. In this case, it is a thin layer of shell that is encased in faceted glass to create a “stone” that is more substantial and stable. Shell is a natural product so there is always room for variation in these pieces. This is one of the features I love best about this type of material, each is unique! This shell is generally a pearlized soft ivory.  The color tone can vary from white to ivory but can also contain flashes of color as well. You will often see swirls, bumps and texture within the shell as well. You really never know what you will get!
Pair of Kendra Scott Dee Macrame Dangle Earrings in Ivory and RhodiumKendra Scott Dee Macrame Pendant Necklace in Ivory and Rhodium 
Now onto the new stones… YAY!

First, Aqua Illusion. The perfect combination of Ivory and a pop of color!
Creating “Illusion” stones is a common technique seen with this designer. Usually Kendra will take shells and dye them (or the glass they are encased in) different colors. Generally, we find the colors to be season appropriate or will add additional color to a seasonal collection. Aqua Illusion is no exception! The faceted glass in this stone is dyed a beautiful aqua blue/green color and placed around the Ivory shell slice. Kendra describes the color as a “pretty pastel with oceanic influence”. This creation technique colors the glass but it remains translucent enough to see the genuine texture of the shell.
Pair of Kendra Scott Dee Macrame Dangle Earrings in Aqua Illusion and GoldKendra Scott Dee Macrame Pendant Necklace in Aqua Illusion and Gold
Next, Nude Abalone. This is an easy transition from Ivory and Aqua Illusion to Nude Abalone because Abalone is also a shell! Again, if you are familiar with Kendra Scott, Abalone may be old news to you. Nude Abalone however, brand new! The difference in this shell is its color tone; It is extremely muted Abalone. The colors are similar to Abalone (green, blue, purple) but the colors are extremely light. We like to describe this shell as a mixture between Abalone and Ivory. This shell is natural and undyed; the muted color tone is simply due to the location the shell is sourced (New Zealand). This “stone” is also created by encasing the shell between two faceted pieces of glass and placed in a beautiful macramé frame for structure and design. As with Abalone and Ivory, the shell is genuine, and you never know what color or texture stone you will get!
Pair of Kendra Scott Dee Macrame Dangle Earrings in Nude Abalone and GoldKendra Scott Dee Macrame Pendant Necklace in Nude Abalone and Gold 
Mica is a collection of minerals that naturally form into the shape of thin sheets. Mica is soft and flexible, so you would assume this would make it difficult to use for jewelry creation… nope! In this case, the mica is made more stable by layering many thin sheets together and encasing them within the faceted glass to create this lovely stone.  Generally, you will find this mica to be a medium to dark true purple. But as with other natural materials, the mica used is genuine and undyed, so it is a natural purple that can vary in color tone and texture. And after all this… Voila, you have Purple Mica!
Pair of Kendra Scott Dee Macrame Dangle Earrings in Purple Mica and GoldKendra Scott Dee Macrame Pendant Necklace in Purple Mica and Gold
Lastly, which may be one of our favorites for its uniqueness, Blush Wood. This is the first time wood has been used by Kendra Scott in creation of jewelry! And we think she did it perfectly! The wood used is a blush toned wood veneer. The blush is a warm toned peachy rose/pink that pairs perfectly with the rose gold setting that the glass stone is encased in. What we like most about this material is that at first sight you might not recognize the substance encased in the glass, but the wood portrays a natural vibe that comes from it’s texture. Overall, We think this is an amazing transition stone for Kendra Scott to start using more wood, and other diverse materials from nature, in her pieces.
 Pair of Kendra Scott Dee Macrame Dangle Earrings in Blush Wood and Rose GoldKendra Scott Dee Macrame Pendant Necklace in Blush Wood and Rose Gold
This collection has the perfect pairing of natural mediums, bright colors, and shiny metals. There is really something for everyone in this spring collection. Mentioned are the featured stones, but you can check out the whole first spring release here.

Craving more information? This is a quick wrap up of the new materials on hand here at LavishlyHip but If you would like to learn more about the expansive stones and metals Kendra Scott has used in the past, check out this page we made devoted to her stones exclusively!

We hope you enjoyed this little blurb (and maybe even learned a little too!). If this type of blog is something you’d like more of in the future, let us know! You can comment on this post or share with us on social media. We are always looking to add more content that is relevant and helpful for our insiders.

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Thanks for reading & Live Lavishly!

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