Posted by Katherine Bonafilia

Chan Luu provides the perfect versatile winter accessory to complete your outfit while staying comfy and cozy. Below we’ve come up with a few ways to style Chan Luu’s classic silk and cashmere blend scarves.

Chan Luu’s classic silk and cashmere blend scarvesChan’s scarves can be worn in any way you can imagine. Here are a few of our favorite for this season.

One of our favorite fun plays on the classic scarf style, add a little interest by putting the scarf on as you would normally loop it, instead of pulling both ends through the loop, put just one end through threading it over and down into the loop. Then, take the second end and thread it under and up out of the loop.

 Chan Luu’s classic silk and cashmere blend scarves

Create this neck wrap by folding your Chan Luu Scarf lengthwise until it is about a quarter of its normal width, then simply wrap it around your neck a couple times, tie, and tuck the loose ends under the wrap.

Chan Luu Scarf

To accomplish this unique and easy look, fold your scarf into a square ¼ of its original size, fold that square diagonally to make a triangle, and knot the triangle around your neck.

Chan Luu Scarf

For this faux-infinity effect, tie opposite corners of the scarf into a knot so it makes one big loop, put it around your neck, twist, and loop it over your head one more time - voila!

 Chan Luu Scarf

Another variation of the classic knot, for this look wrap your scarf twice around your neck and loop one of the tails over and down between the two layers. Once that’s done, simply tie the scarf in a loose knot.

 Chan Luu Scarf

This braided scarf is much easier than it looks, start as you normally would to make a loop with your scarf folded in half. Instead of threading both ends through take only the top end and pull it through the loop, then take the bottom end behind the top, over, through, and under the same loop.

The generous size and feather-light material of Chan Luu’s scarves are what allows them to be worn in a variety of different ways. Her truly lush combination of materials makes every wear a luxury experience. Check out our selection of colors and patterns from Chan Luu.  We also have a beautiful selection of stunning cashmere and silk scarves from Blue Pacific.