How to Style Hair with Jaw Clips by Ficcare

Ficcare is known for their iconic Maximas clips but they also have a variety of other hair accessories that are perfect for pulling together a look. The Jaw Clip is a familiar classic remade by Ficcare with the highest quality materials. When we need a look that will hold, Ficcare is our go to. Here are some ways that we like to style our Ficcare Jaw Clips. From finishing off a classy French twist to an effortlessly shabby chic way to keep together a messy bun, there’s a Ficcare jaw clip for everything.

To add volume to a ponytail, take the extra small Luxor Jaw and clip it just below your ponytail holder. Let your hair cascade over to create the look of added volume.

pony tail lift ficcare clip

For an effortless look, loosely pull your hair back into a vertical bun. Let loose hairs fall for the perfect messy updo.

ficcare effortless up-do

To keep your look classy and practical, pull half of your hair up and secure with a Rectangular Jaw Clip.

ficcare clip half up hair

For the Perfect Faux French Twist, twist your ponytail like you normally would for a French Twist, then clip up with the Modern Jaw Clip.

ficcare clip classic chignon

An everyday look we love is the low bun. This easy style is amplified with the addition of the Open Rectangle Jaw Clip.

low bun ficcare open rectangle jaw clip

The Manhattan Yoga Clip looks a little intimidating but it makes for easy and comfortable ponytails and buns, we use it as a quick way to sweep our hair out of our faces. This is our go to style for long car rides or flights as it is very comfortable to lean on.

ficcare flat yoga clip

Next time we’ll show you how we wear some of Ficcare’s more unique styles. With styles and patterns to fit every hair type and color, Ficcare is definitely one of our must have brands.

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