How to Get This Summer's Boho Look

With Coachella and Bonnaroo come and gone, festival season is officially in full swing. Whether you’re headed to a festival or not, the boho chic styles inspired by the season’s best parties make for the perfect summer wardrobe. To get the boho look there are a few essential elements you need to add to your wardrobe: silver, natural leather (preferably with fringe!), sparkling natural gems, and fun cotton accents. Natural materials make your look seem effortless while adding tons of visual interest. When it comes to building our summer accessory collection, we look to designers like Chan Luu, Yunis K, and ela rae. These companies know how to effortlessly blend materials like raw leather and heirloom style silver with cute pom poms and light grabbing natural stones.

Festival Jewelry and Accessories

For a festival, we grab our ela rae Diane in natural iolite. Iolite enhances the spirit of the journey, dreams, and exploration. As perfect for a music festival as it is in everyday life. We layer it with our Chan Luu natural leather and silver choker or for something a little more playful, we grab our Yunis K Endless Summer choker. We combine this with our natural leather and pearl Chan wrap bracelet. For earrings we love Yunis K’s trendy pom-poms, they combine natural fiber and 24K gold for the perfect balance of whimsy and glam. To keep warm when the sun goes down, Chan Luu’s cashmere and silk scarves come in boho flower patterns that are perfect for summer.

To amp your look up for the day of the festival, consider flash tattoos, a colorful amethyst inspired highlight shade and a coveted festival wristband. Don’t be afraid to go all out with glitter and rhinestones, when is the next time you’ll get to wear so much shimmer? Tuck it all into a Love Heals beaded leather fringe bag next to your water bottle (stay hydrated!) and get ready to vibe into the sunset.

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