Fall Fashion with LavishlyHip and Addy Elizabeth

Whether it’s hot or cold where you are, fall fashion is HERE! This month we partnered with Addy Elizabeth Boutique to discuss transitioning your wardrobe to accommodate the cooler fall temperatures.

Here at Lavishly Hip, we carry scarves from Blue Pacific and Chan Luu. We offer these plaid scarves in Cashmere/Wool, all Wool and Cashmere/Silk.

This fall, we’re loving gingham style scarves. This particular scarf style is plaid on one side and gingham on the other, making it versatile and easy to pair with many looks.

Regarding Fall Jewelry, we recently launched the line, VSA Design. Using a blend of gothic and edgy designs that feature symbols of protection and good fortune, designer Cheryl "Finn" Finnegan created Virgins Saints & Angels in 2000. What is captivating is that many of VSA’s pieces can be worn in several different ways; allowing the wearer to express their own individual sense of style. All pieces are crafted in Mexico with their artisans. The detail in the pieces is always incredible.

Their jewelry is artisan crafted in Mexico and features religious themes. Their most popular style is their Magdalena necklace, which features multi chain Swarovski crystal necklace and removable pendant.

 Fall Trends include plaids and tartans and, carrying over from summer, select gingham. Scarves were listed as one of the accessory trends for fall/winter and can be extremely versatile. Try adding them to bags, using as head wraps and headbands, and neckerchiefs.

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