Essential Accessories Every Woman Needs

Every woman’s style is different and every woman brings her own flavor to the world of fashion but through it all there are some essential pieces that all women can benefit from owning. All of the options may seem intimidating when you’re first starting out building your “grown-up” accessories collection but here are a few tips on how to make a classic and timeless core capsule of pieces that you can play off of.

A tip for choosing your metals: If you can’t decide whether you prefer gold, silver, or rose gold but you’d like to make a cohesive core collection of pieces, go for whichever metal complements your undertones. A warm complexion looks better with gold while cooler complexions are better complemented by silver pieces. If you think your undertones fall somewhere between warm and cool, rose gold is a good choice for you. If you’re unsure of which way your complexion leans, check the veins on your inner wrist. Bluish purple, you’re cool toned, but if your veins lean more of a bluish green you’re warm toned.

Of course there is no rule that states warm toned people can’t wear silver (and if there was we’d ignore it) if you’re as cool toned as they come and you just happen to love gold then wear all of the gold you would like.

Number 1: Hoop Earrings

Like a good pair of jeans, a good pair of hoop earrings is an essential. Comfortable, goes with everything, your go-to accessory for a leather jacket and pencil skirt or a t shirt and jeans. Hoops come in many sizes and shapes to flatter your face shape. A small hoop is appropriate for the office but don’t be afraid to upgrade to a statement hoop for a night out with the girls.

 Sheila Fajl Everybody's Favorite Brushed Gold

These are the Sheila Fajl Everybody’s Favorite earrings in brushed gold, they’re loved by thousands of women as the perfect everyday hoop.

Number 2: A statement piece

Whether you’re more comfortable with a necklace that commands the room or a pair of earrings that turns heads, it’s always handy to have a statement piece in your collection that allows you to add that extra something to your wardrobe. You may think some pieces are impossible to wear until you try them, don’t be afraid to step a little bit outside your comfort zone, you might be surprised by what you end up loving.

  VSA Magdalena Tobacco San Benito

This is the Magdalena from VSA in Tobacco Crystal and San Benito pendant, this bronze-y crystal is perfect for fall and acts as a perfect neutral all year long.

Number 3: A versatile scarf

Every woman needs a good scarf that can play double or even triple duty in their lives. Large airy scarves made of silk and cashmere are perfect to bundle up, wrap as a beach sarong, or use as a light blanket on a cold airplane. They are perfect for all occasions and grabbing one in a neutral color or print ensures that they go with absolutely everything. Grab one in a more daring color if your wardrobe is mostly monochromatic and you’d like a bit of a pop. They are an effortless way to add another layer of dimension to your outfits.


This is one of Chan Luu’s featherweight scarves in Vapor Blue Combo. Its lightweight combination of cashmere and silk make it perfect for warm and cold weather.

Number 4: Pearls

It’s no secret that pearls are timeless and classy. Does that mean you’re limited to a single strand of white pearls? Absolutely not, just because something is classic doesn’t mean it can’t be updated to fit your personal style. There are so many varieties of pearls out there; peacock, grey, and blush pearls are nice modern updates on the classic white pearl.

 InStyle Grey Pearl

These pearls from InStyle are a modern take on the classic white, perfectly round pearl. Their organic shape and cool grey color make them the perfect updated version of your grandmother’s pearls.

Number 5: A good hair clip

Underline, highlight, circle “good”. I don’t mean a clip you can get next to the display of rainbow barrettes at a big box store. Adults need adult hair accessories and a good hair clip will last you decades to come. Invest in your appearance and buy yourself a big girl clip, a high quality piece that will go with everything and you can depend on.

 Ficcare Ficcarissimo Black Checker

This is the Ficcare Ficcarissimo in Black and Pearl Checkers (size small). It’s perfect for a full updo or pulling your hair out of your face. This clip’s sturdy construction means you don’t need to be worried about it falling apart when you really need it.

Number 6: Go-to Pendant

Sometimes you don’t want to have to think about accessorizing. On days like that, a go-to pendant that can be worn with anything is a life saver. There are so many options for simple pendants; bars, pearls, stones, charms, petite or substantial. The options are limitless when trying to find your perfect piece so choose something that reflects you, that you won’t get tired of wearing in a couple months and can be your staple piece for years to come.

 Kendra Scott Kacey Ivory Gold

The Kendra Scott Kacey was recently added to her signature collection, and for good reason. Kacey is the perfect petite pendant necklace for everyday wear. This is the Ivory Mother of Pearl and Gold combination.

Number 7: A Bold Cocktail Ring

There’s nothing more elegant than pulling off a bold ring, something about them just exudes power and sophistication. The big trend this season is masculine styles, a large signet or cigar ring, but any large ring that speaks to you is perfect for starting your collection.


Sheila Fajl’s Ana Bubble Ring is both bold and fun. Stack a couple on top of each other for even more effect.

Number 8: An All Metal Bangle

Easy and understated, metal bangles have stood the test of time, remaining popular for decades. Stacking a couple matching bangles with your favorite watch or creating a stack of mixed metals adds fun movement to your look without being too “out-there” for everyday wear. Bangles take minimal thought and planning but always add a polished look to your outfit.


The pyramid bangle from Sheila Fajl is a fun and funky alternative to a typical rounded bracelet. These bangles are thin and perfect for stacking.

Number 9: Trusty Studs

Perfect for pairing or stacking with larger, earrings and hoops, dainty and understated studs are huge right now and for good reason, they’re the perfect everyday earring. Get some with gems to complement metal hoops.  


The Cade from Kendra Scott is the perfect dainty stud, small but sparkly this version in Ivory Mother of Pearl and Rose Gold is great for everyday wear or putting in your second hole beside a rose gold hoop.

Number 10: Something Personal

Whether a personalized initial pendant necklace, a locket from a family member, or your birthstone in a cute pair of stud earrings, it’s nice to have something that is personal to you in your core collection.


Azuni London’s Adira Bracelet in Tourmaline and Gold is the perfect way to show off one of October’s birthstones.

Trends come and go but these staples have all proven that they can stand the test of time. They’re a good base collection that you can expand on and add to with different pieces as your style evolves or trends change.

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