All Things Red, White & Blue

When thinking about the fourth of July we think of the independence of America and all the people who made that possible. In celebration of this, it is tradition that we attend barbeques, picnics, parties and spend time with family and friends. I think we can all agree that having this time to celebrate is something we all appreciate and look forward to in the month of July.

Happy 4th of July Collection at LavishlyHip

Dressing in the patriotic colors is a fun way to celebrate while looking trendy in any pictures that are taken at holiday events. We carry many different options for your red, white and blue accessory needs. We have curated a collection of the LavishlyHip staff favorites, with a large range of price points, for your shopping convenience. Check the collection out here!

Many of the pieces in our collection feature colored stones, this is a great way to incorporate a touch of holiday colors into your ensemble. This is a great option for anyone who does not want to wear a full American flag outfit! Or, like many of us, do not want to go out and buy a whole new outfit if we don’t already have appropriate items in our closet. Adding a few accessories is a good way to be festive and savvy with your spending! Because let’s be honest, how many times is that over priced American flag jumpsuit going to be worn again?

If fabrics are more your style, we have been fixating on Chan Luu 2 in 1 Scrunchie Bandanas at the moment. They came into popularity at the perfect time! With their versatility and simplicity, they are a great way to accessorize this holiday if you want to steer away from a stale style you have been rocking for a little too long… These have been discussed in the previous May blog “New Spring Acessories at LavishlyHip” Where we go into detail about the many ways to style them. If you missed it, we strongly recommend checking it out! Lucky for for you, we have some in stock featuring perfect Fourth of July color combinations.

Similar to the Scrunchie Bandanas from Chan Luu, there are other bandana options that are spot on for the 4th. You can use these in the same styling options shown in the May blog or be creative and wear them as a bracelet or tie them to your purse for a unique fresh look.

Chan Luu Viscose Bandana Print Neckerchief in Tangerine TangoChan Luu Vintage Print Bandana Scarf in Grey Dawn and NutmegChan Luu Viscose Bandana Print Neckerchief in Palace Blue

Seeing Stars

In preparation for this celebrate we are here to talk about everything Fourth of July! Of course, this means red, white, and blue, but what also comes to mind is stars!

One of our favorite designers, Sheila Fajl is all about the stars! Recently she has come out with many new designs with stars being the highlight of these pieces. The stars have been featured on earrings (especially hoops) and necklaces. Some of our favorite earrings that we will be discussing are the Silvina, the Cassiopeia, the Small Cassiopeia, and the Vela. Find them all here! 

The Silvina is one of best sellers right now and a piece you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Get them soon because they move quickly! Gold and Silver are the classics, but they also come in Sheila’s popular Brushed Champagne as well.

Sheila Fajl Silvina Star Statement Hoop Earrings in Gold PlatedModel Wearing Sheila Fajl Silvina Star Statement Hoop EarringsSheila Fajl Silvina Star Statement Hoop Earrings in Silver Plated

Whether you are into statement earring, or not, there is a Cassiopeia earring to suit your needs. Sheila created this variation on a classic hoop by adding star accents and making them front facing hoops. They range from a full statement piece to smaller but still eye catching! Picture these earring with a denim tank top, red pants and stylish wedges… you can’t go wrong!

Sheila Fajl Cassiopeia Front Hoops Earrings with Stars in Silver PlatedModel Wearing Sheila Fajl Cassiopeia Front Hoops Earrings with Stars in Gold
Model Wearing Sheila Fajl Small Cassiopeia Front Hoops Earrings with Stars in SilverSheila Fajl Small Cassiopeia Front Hoops Earrings with Stars in Gold

If you are into the star trend like we are, but aren’t into hoops, try the Vela earrings. These might also work for you if you aren’t into large statement pieces, because these earrings are a little more delicate. The Vela feature two different star sizes and a thin dangle post. LavishlyHip has been carrying these earrings for quite sometime and we cannot get enough! A great option for star lovers who need a simple drop earring for any occasion.

Sheila Fajl Vela Statement Dangle Star Earrings in Silver PlatedModel Wearing Sheila Fajl Vela Statement Dangle Star Earrings in Gold PlatedSheila Fajl Vela Statement Dangle Star Earrings in Gold Plated

Because all of these earrings discussed are all metal finishes, these earrings can be matched with essentially any outfit. The freedom to play with color in your outfit is definitely available. Experiment with different red, white and blue color combinations in your outfit and other accessories this holiday and use these earrings as another standout piece in your ensemble.

If you attracted to necklaces as your go-to accessory, don’t worry we have some necklaces to suit your star needs as well!

Capella, a staff favorite, is a multi star charm necklace from Sheila Fajl that features many stars dangling along the front of the necklace. It features a 3-inch extender to increase or decrease the length depending on your preference.

Sheila Fajl Capella Multi Star Charm Dangle Necklace in Gold Plated

Pendant necklaces are also great for layering, as seen with the Sheila Fajl Castor necklace. This feature two overlapping stars on a pendant. Because this necklace is a little subtler, try pairing it with gold hoops or another eye-catching accessory to create a full look. Adding earrings to this necklace can be a great place for a pop of color. Incorporating a bright color through earrings can be done with any colored material or stone, especially anything red, white, or blue!

Sheila Fajl Castor Double Star Pendant Necklace in Gold Plated

However, if you are looking to keep your look simple we would recommend pairing these necklaces with the small Sima hoops that include a small CZ which will add some glimmer to the mostly metal accessories you will be flaunting.

These necklaces feature extenders giving you the option of different lengths. Therefore, these are great pieces for layering. Incorporating other necklaces with different gold shapes or colorful stones creates a variety of way to use these necklaces, and again, a great way to incorporate color.

Nail Trends

When trying to find 4th of July trends I also head to other blogs and Pinterest for fun festive ideas. During our searches we found some great nail ideas for the 4th! If you are not a nail professional, like most of us, there are some simple ideas to try out that don’t take years to master! If you are feeling adventurous, there are also more intricate ideas you can try to impress other party goers.

Red White and Blue Nails for the Fourth of JulyIG@ANGELSONNN from

Personally, I will be showing this to my nail technician instead of attempting this work of art myself! If you interested in trying some festive nails this holiday we have incorporated a few of our favorite looks in our “4th of July Party Necessities” board on Pinterest.


Aside from the Scrunchie Bandanas, there are many hair options that may be passed by when thinking about the perfect holiday weekend. Not only will a lot of these items come in handy with keeping the hair out of your face and off your neck in the hot July heat, but they also make a statement! Two birds with one stone!

Our current hair favorites are the L. Erickson Grab and Go Pony Tubes. They come is a plethora of colors and color combinations so you are bound to find something perfect for any occasion. For this 4th of July find yourself the perfect combination of red, white, and blues.

The staff at LavishlyHip recommends the L. Erickson Grab and Go Pony Tube in Cape Cod Mix 15 Pack and  L.Erickson Grab and Go Pony Tube Hair Ties in Anchor 15 Pack  but you really can’t go wrong with any Grab and Go Pony Tubes. Not only are these great red, white and blue options, but they are good quality hair ties for all year as well!

L. Erickson Grab and Go Pony Tube in Cape Cod Mix 15 PackL. Erickson Grab and Go Pony Tube in Anchor 15 Pack

Festive Food

Lastly, what is a party, BBQ, or picnic without food! Scouring the internet for fun, festive and, most importantly, delicious recipes is a personal favorite pastime. We thought we would share a few of our favorites with you on the Pinterest board so you can enjoy them as much as we plan on doing this holiday. Feel free to find us on Facebook to let us know if you tried a recipe and enjoyed it! Or share the pin on Pinterest and let your friends try them too!

We hope that this blog dedicated to the 4th of July has made the holiday fashion, accessorizing, and party prep more manageable by supplying some fun ideas. If you followed any of these tips and want to share with us, feel free to tag us in your Instagram or Facebook posts! We would love to see how you incorporated red, white and blue into your 4th of July!


Enjoy your 4th of July Holiday!

& as always, ℓινє ℓανιѕнℓу!



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